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Grand Master Mantak Chia accepting the Qigong Master of the Year Award at the 2012 Tao Congress in Toronto

Darkroom Enlightenment

darkroom e-magazineDarkroom Enlightenment
Kan & Li (Water & Fire) - Darkness and Light

Darkroom Introduction 2012
by Master Mantak Chia

February 5, 2012 at Tao Garden

Darkroom Pigu Energy - Overview, Schedule, Fees, REGISTRATION
Eight Immortals and the jade emperor's mind seal classic
Darkness Technology Manual "Darkness Techniques for Enlightenment"
(Download PDF File 1.20 MB) Order the Darkroom Booklet
Testimonial Darkroom Videos
Preparations for the Dark Room Retreat
Dark Room Nutrition
Dark Room Photos
Ancient Taoist Darkness Experience
Enlightenment Darkness Retreat Experiences 2002
Enlightenment Dark Room Retreat 2007
Immortal Self's 9 Tao Alchemy Formulas
In The Dark with Mantak Chia
Cutting Edge Technology
EXTRA Darkroom Meditation Background
The Maximal Activation of the Pineal

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